All quality management activities come under the control of quality assurance executive.

  1. Management commitment to meet high quality standards in all aspects of its work to satisfy client’s needs.
  2. Maintaining of quality system based on the SQF 2000 and supporting documentation in the quality material.
  3. Identify, define and act accordance with the client’s interest and requirements along with the change of the market situation.
  4. Situation of our plant – We have Standard Sanitation Operation Procedures (SSOP) for each and every step in the processing area and for personnel hygiene. Workers are trained on these at regular intervals and instructions are displayed in the relevant processing areas to follow up.
  5. Testing our products – Most of our products are tested according to the buyer’s requirements, (TPC, Coliforms, E-coli and Salmonella). We also do regular tests specified for each of our products. (Eg: Moisture, Yeast & mould count). All the tests and inspections are carried out by SGS Lanka (Pvt) Ltd and Bureau Veritas (Pvt) Ltd
  6. Maintenance of personnel hygiene at our plant – We have standard sanitary procedures for personnel hygiene. Workers operate under these procedures. If a worker exhibit any symptoms which can affect the quality of the product he/she will be subjected to a medical check-up.
    – Daily cleaning of drying area and factory surrounding.
    – Changing water of the footbath three times a day.
    – Daily Cleaning of processing areas, processing utensils and equipment.
    – Using appropriate slippers for separate areas.
    – Using Disposable rubber gloves.
  7.  To accomplish the quality policy, we
    – Conduct continuous inspection of raw materials and finished product.
    – Expand quality awareness by using extensive quality training.
    – Provide job satisfaction for all staff members by creating a suitable working environment.
    – Define and act in accordance with our individual client’s interest and requirements.
    PODIE adhere with the following policies in order to ensure that the premises is well-maintained with a quality environment for our own organic spices

Inventory should be maintained properly for all sharp metal equipment used for production activities with the name of responsible person and the location.


We are fully committed to produce quality and safe food grade spices and spice-based products to its valued customers according to the ISO 22000 standard, relevant statutory & regulatory requirements and internationally accepted food safety manufacturing norms.


We at PODIE are fully aware of the potential food safety risks posed by allergen containing products entering into the production process that are expected to contain them and subsequently reaching the susceptible end consumer causing allergic reactions. No allergen are permitted in to the manufacturing areas either by employees or visitors. Appropriate preventive measures shall be put in place to ensure that there will be no accidental cross contaminations of allergen or allergen containing products.


Wearing of bracelets and necklaces is banned at the workface. The only exception are the ‘open copper’ type medical bracelets. Watches should be removed when working with moving equipment/machinery.


This policy is applicable to all staff, our suppliers, and outside contractors entering our factory. Glass containers or articles are not allowed in the production areas. Broken glass is a physical hazard because a metal detector cannot detect it and it is extremely hard to see in the product. Given the potential hazard associated with glass breakage, it is imperative that all employees follow the required procedures and that every precaution is taken to ensure to maintain the quality of our products.



Certified WFTO Member
Certified with ISO 22000:2018
Certified with HACCP SLS1266:2011
Certified with EU Organic
Certified with JAS Organic
Certified with USDA Organic